Franchising Practice

Our franchising legal practice covers: 

Advising companies on the full spectrum of franchising legal matters including regulatory, strategy and government policy, contractual issues, M&A transactions, trademarks and brands, including portfolio management and enforcement, competition and consumer law, dispute resolution and litigation and other general commercial issues.

Our lawyers act for brands who seek an international perspective that our global footprint can provide, blending strategy and sector knowledge with legal input. 

More particularly our franchise legal practice include:


  • Advertising and marketing

  • Business models and distribution networks

  • Commercial distribution systems

  • Compliance issues, including enforcement of contracts and non-competition agreements

  • Consumer protection legislation

  • Dispute resolution and litigation, including construction and lease disputes, unpaid royalties and class actions

  • Employment and labour

  • Franchise agreements and disclosure documentation

  • Intellectual property, including trademarks and brands

  • Licensing, reseller, agency and other distribution options

  • Product warranties

  • Retail and consumer markets

  • Supplier and sourcing agreements

Disclaimer: The contents above are for reference only, and we do not take any responsibility for its accuracy. The latest laws and regulations of respective governments, regulatory and professional bodies shall prevail.