Our Team

Mr. Eugene Yang Chau LAI (Principal)​

Eugene is currently a practising solicitor at Hong Kong and England. He has extensive experience in corporate finance, cross-border merger and acquisition (M&A) and security laws in Hong Kong. Eugene obtained his bachelor of laws degree from The University of Hong Kong in December 1992, a master of laws degree on Chinese laws from Renmin University of China in 1998, and an EMBA Global Asia degree conferred jointly by Columbia Business School, London Business School and The University of Hong Kong in 2012. He has also completed the Senior Executive Program for China, jointly organized by Harvard Business School, Tsinghua University and China Europe International Business School in 2011. Eugene has attained his alumnus status of Harvard Business School in July 2017.

Eugene has worked with various European clients He advises on corporate structures, M&A, general legal compliance, and with reference to tax implications and transfer pricing arrangements.  He assists in setting up of wholly-owned foreign entities and investments in China.

Eugene is an independent non-executive director of Link Holdings Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 8237), a company listed on the GEM of the Stock Exchange. He is also acting as a company secretary to Sinopec Kantons Holdings Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 934), Strong Petrochemical Holdings Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 852), AB Builders Group Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 1615) and Hengxin Technology Ltd. (Hong Kong stock code: 1085) , all of which are companies listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange.

Currently as the principal of Yang Chau Law Office. Eugene serves as company secretary to several listed companies. Despite that he is not an employee of such companies, he is an external service provider to the same with a close working relationship. This is considerably beneficial to Hong Kong listed companies, also as a common practice for them in governance: 1. Secretarial services are provided in the name of the law firm, and therefore, clients could rest assured with the protection under professional liability. Otherwise, if the full-time company secretary failed in any regard, the company might assume responsibilities. 2. Listing Rules and corporate governance requirements of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange are becoming increasingly complicated. There might be a possibility that the concerned listed companies could not fully understand the situations, have any basis to make comparison, or share experience. And there might not be division of labour (while our team have specialized colleagues to do the paperwork and control costs, etc.), and once the error occured, the company would stand a chance to be criminally liable. 3. Since lawyers could assist in assessing the company's situation, when the company encountered special circumstances (such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), or matters with government departments), the legal team could help in preparation of relevant documents/responses immediately. Client company may internally select an additional board secretary to assist the board process. The communication, then, among board members, shareholders and the management would be fostered. To the external service provider, the prime contact person representing client company could be the senior staff of the company, such as the board secretary and the chief financial officer. In Hong Kong, this corporate governance structure is generally adopted.