Practice Areas

Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

We specialise in arbitration and litigation in Hong Kong and in the Mainland China.  

Bankruptcy & Winding-up

We assist clients for debt-recovery and have extensive experience with bankruptcy and winding-up of individuals and companies.  We offer comprehensive strategies for clients to collect debts.  

Company and corporate mergers and acquisition (M&A)

We offer legal solutions to corporate and enterprise M&A projects, such as legal opinions and drafting of legal documents. 

Notary public, China-appointed attesting and services as civil celebrant of marriage

We cater to requests for China-appointed attesting and notary public services. 

Securities compliance services

We take good care of clients by providing listing services, before and after listing, ranging from reorganisation plans  to continuous compliance services of rules and regulations.

Migration, immigration, and employment 

Our helping hands reach out to legal dimensions of investment and commercial migrants, talent admission schemes, immigration policies and labour relations in Hong Kong.

Franchising practice

We specialize in assisting franchise businesses with local and international perspective. 

Corporate management and executive management, and company secretarial services

Our team handles corporate governance, executive management and company secretarial matters in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions.  Our composition is made up of qualified executive members, capable of serving as a (joint) company secretary to client companies to monitor compliance issues. 

Banking and finance 

We provide annual retainer services to banks and financial institutions to handle matters and issues of legal affairs. 

Business consulting

We assist clients to open a business in Hong Kong, ranging from rental of offices, immigration and visa application of employees, registration with Company Registry, and opening a Hong Kong bank account for businesses.

Capital market

We assist in selection of qualified candidates in listing matters in Hong Kong with local and worldwide financing activities. 


China, cross-border trade and investment

Expanding into mainland Chinese and cross-border business, we closely pay attention to economic development of the areas. Legal services relevant to China, international trades and investment are provided as well. 


Due diligence services

With reference to public records, we perform, for clients, due diligence work against information such as commercial and financial data of target companies.

Taxation, trust and private clients

We provide legal assistance associated with arrangements such as income tax and stamp duty.

Technology, media and telecommunications

Technology, media and telecommunication are all undergoing a swift evolution. Relevant timely legal services are available.